Wolf Head Boline

This is a curved knife I made from scratch as a test for future endeavors. It is in the style of a boline; a knfe used for harvesting herbs. I gutted the blade off an existing knife, and everything else is hand made.  In the hilt of the handle, I placed a Blue Lace Agate Stone. Blue lace agate is one of the hardest to find of metaphysical use.

This is a calming, stress relieving stone. The blue color strengthens the importance of the throat chakra and divulges well being/ peace. It can be used wherever there is a build up of painful or irritated energy. Many people carry this stone as a stress relief, predominately for those whom suffer from anxiety.

I chose this stone as the hilt to utilize the importance of the Boline's function. This is a peaceful, cultivating knife. One gathers herbs for medicine, or for soothing of ailments. The wolf head represents the hunter. He must carefully and quietly choose his most important gathering. Wolves hunt for both food and well-being. Many alpha males hunt not out of necessity, but for status.

Apoxie sculpture and varnish antiquing. 10" Long x 3" Wide"