Here are a few clocks. Some are finished, some are in progress. I have been making them as per commission. Unfortunately, a few escaped documentation due to schedule restraints.
Everything is hand made save for the clock parts: The frames cut and stained by hand, the faces are hand painted and numbered, and the hands/ gears are installed personally.

Sizes Vary, on average around 10" per clock face. Framed and Hung, most are around 15" x 14".
Acrylic, Oils, Spray Paint, Wood, Charcoal, Mechanics, Stain, Varnish.

USMC Seal, for a sibling of a veteran.

Bohr's Atomic Schematic, for a science teacher's classroom.

Overdosed Gnome, for a college student's apartment.

Sleeping gnome, personal work in progress, (David The Gnome, one of my childhood infatuations.)
This will be a pendulum clock.

Scrying Clock Theme in progress. For an enthusiast of esoteric practice.